Lube Oil Pumps

Features of RDMC Lube Oil Pump

High pressure capability

Variable Modular design

Ease of Service

Compact construction and design

Gearbox for windmills

Gearboxes are commonly used in windmills to connect the wind turbine to the generator. The gearbox helps in converting the low speed, high torque of the turbine into a high speed, low torque output for the generator.

For a 600 or 750 kW machine, the gear ratio is typically approximately 1 to 50. At RDMC, our gearboxes are so designed that they satisfy ISO standards.

Features of RMDC Gearbox for windmills

Customised design based on power requirements.

Full adherence to ISO standards.


High Speed Gear Box

High Speed Gear Boxes are essential components for pumps, turbo generators, compressors, boiler feed pumps, etc. The High Speed Gear Boxes designed by RDMC provides a rare balance between advanced performance and reliability. All our High Speed Gear Boxes undergo rigorous testing before getting our seal of approval.

Features of RMDC High Speed Gear Box

Robust construction and design

Designed with adherence to ISO standards

High Speed Gear Boxes with speeds upto 3000rpms.

Low Speed Gear Box

Low speed High torque motors have a wide range of applications in multiple industries. They are commonly used for driving conveyors, winches, irrigation cable reels, harvesters, cranes etc.

Features of RDMC Low Speed High Torque gear boxes

Dependable Performance


Constant speed of operation

High power conversion efficiency