CNC- Plant Details

This is a totally automated and precision unit with the manufacture of highly precisioned turned and machined components. The plant has a capacity of Turning jobs upto 1.8 meters (1800mm) and can machine jobs of size 1750 X 1350 X 1000. The plant is equipped with sophisticated quality instruments like The Height Master (Trimos make) and Co-ordinate Measuring machine (Accurate make).

Total Area = 22,000 sqft
Constructed Area = 15,000 sqft
Power = 150 kw
D.G. Set = 250 kw


Plant II

This plant has range of sophisticated machinery like Broching, Spline Grinding, Thread Grinding, Thread Milling, Boring and a host of Gear Hobbing Machines. As the machinery suggests, this unit specializes in Thread Cutting and Thread Grinding, Precision Hobbing on our six axis CNC Hobbing Machine H200 HMT Make. Broaching for fast production of automobile components. The plant is also equipped with a full-fledged quality department.

PLANT II Total Area = 22,000 sqft
Constructed Area = 20,000 sqft
Power = 100 kw
D.G.Set = 120 kw


Plant III

This plant is a dedicated Hobbing, Shaping and Shaving unit. The Gears manufacture ranges from minimum and maximum with highly accurate Gear testing facilities.

PLANT III Total Area = 16,000 sqft
Constructed Area = 9,000 sqft
Power = 100 kw
D.G.Set = 100 kw


Plant IV

This plant is for high production Turning jobs with machines like STC - 25, STC - 25 TMC (Turn Mill Center) and a Battery of GDM Machines.

PLANT IV Total Area = 44,000 sqft
Constructed Area = 10,000 sqft
Power = 100 HP